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How to watch streaming movies from torrents on Android – Flud

Flud android app screenshots

Flud for android

Have you ever tried to download a movie from torrents? It takes time to download, sometimes a lot of time. Time that could otherwise be spent watching that particular video. Or maybe you just suddenly changed your mind, and want to watch something else. Do you wait for the torrent to finish downloading again?

This is where Flud comes in.
Flud is a beautiful torrent client for Android. It looks nice, it’s east to use, and it allows sequential downloading of torrents.
What is sequential downloading?
Well, as you might know (or not) that torrent files are broken into small pieces. A torrent application downloads the file piece by piece from the seeds (people still uploading or “seeding” the file). But these pieces are usually downloaded in a random order making the file being downloaded useless until the download completes. This is where sequential download comes in. It ensures that the pieces on files are downloaded in the correct order.

Changing a particular setting in Flud ensures that the pieces are downloaded in order. So if you enable sequential download, you just have to wait a few minutes (or seconds) for a few pieces to download and then you can begin watching the video. And while you watch, you android device will keep downloading the next pieces in the background.

flud sequential download gif

flud sequential download gif

1. On your android device, open your browser and search for a torrent.
2. Add the torrent to Flud. In case of Magnet links, you can just tap on the link and a “Add to Flud” window will open up. Or you can download the torrent file, open flud and tap on the plus sign in the bottom page bar. Then it’s just a matter of selecting the torrent file.
3. Once the torrent file is added, tap on it. It will bring up a torrent status page which basically shows the percentage downloaded, download and upload speed, no. of seeds and peers, etc.
4. From the Status screen swipe towards the right and you will get to the details screen.
5. Tap on the check box next to “Enable Sequential Downloading”.
6. Swipe left and keep swiping till you reach the last screen called pieces. This shows how many pieces are there of the file and how many have been downloaded. You can begin watching your movie as soon as a few blocks have downloaded. You might have to wait for a few more to download depending on your Internet speed.

What else is good about Flud?
> Recognize and add Magnet links directly from the browser.
> Select which files to download.
> Different themes (Light, Dark).
> Option to download over WiFi only.

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