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July 21, 2014 - Vidit

Videoder – YouTube downloader for android


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Have you ever wanted to save that video from YouTube? Or to download that song you can’t seem to find anywhere else? And what if I told you you didn’t even have to turn on your laptop? or convert any files?
Answer to all your prayers – Videoder.

Videoder is a YouTube downloader. That’s the simple explanation. But the simple explanation doesn’t do it justice.
To be precise, Videoder is your one stop shop for downloading videos and music from YouTube without going through complex steps. You don’t even have to use the YouTube app. How you ask…

Videoder starts of with a search screen. You type the keywords for your video and it brings up a list of the results. Pick any result and a popup screen brings the different resolutions that you can download the video in. Plus a button to watch the video in app (so that you know if its the one you’re looking for or not). There is also an option to download the MP3 version of the video which is excellent for songs. Pick an option and that’s it. It downloads the video and converts it (in case of MP3).
You can now watch your favourite videos offline or listen to that remix that cant be downloaded from anywhere else.
Enjoy the Freedom 😀



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