July 12, 2016 - Vidit

Split-Screen Multi Tasking on your Android Marshmallow Phone [ROOT]

multi tasking android

Split screen multi tasking on android. Youtube on top and chrome on the bottom.

Have you ever wanted to use 2 apps simultaneously on your phone? For example watch a YouTube video while browsing the Internet on chrome or use your music app while using Facebook. Now you can get multi tasking on your android device (rooted).
Multi-window multi tasking has always been associated with PCs,  but not really with phones and although Android N is set to change that, it is still far away. If you’re on an older device, you might not get the update altogether. But if you’re running Marshmallow (5.x) on your phone, it might just be possible for you.

Video Tutorial (with detailed steps) –



  • Rooted Android phone running Android Marshmallow. (The procedure for rooting is different for different phones therefore I will not be explaining it here You can Google it).
  • An app called “BuildProp Editor” (available for free on the Play store).


  1. Download BuildProp Editor from the Play Store.
  2. Open the app and in the search bar on the top enter “ro.build.type”.
  3. Tap on the ro.build.type and you’ll be shown a text field with “user” written in it.
  4. A popup from up your SuperUser app might prompt you to give it root access. Click on “Grant”.
  5. Change “user” to “userdebug”.
  6. Exit the app and reboot/ restart your phone.
  7. When your phone has restarted, go to settings > Developer Options.
  8. Look for an option toggle named “Multi-window Mode”. For the Oneplus 3, it’s under “Drawing” sub-category.
  9. Turn it on and Reboot the phone.
  10. After the Reboot:
    • Press the Recent/ App Switcher button (the one which shows all open apps).
    • There will be an icon on the title bar of each app (like a square with only corners). Tap on that and there will be 3 options.
    • Choose the first option to display the app to the top half.
    • Choose the second option to display the app to the bottom half.
    • Choose the third option to take the app full-screen.

Enjoy Multi tasking.

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