June 18, 2014 - Vidit

Floating Toucher


floating touch apps for android

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You know how the iPhone has an option for a floating button on screen which spares the physical button? Well, your android can get it too.
The floating toucher app is the same except it is completely customizable. You can swipe between pages like your app drawer, choose what icons, shortcuts, or features you’d like to display. Folders can also be made and placed in the spot of one icon. Allowing you to place many more icons in them. Users can also access quick settings from the toucher like WiFi toggle, sound profiles, rotation lock, etc. For example, I use it on my phone as an app launcher for my most used apps. Plus a few setting shortcuts as well, which are all available from any screen or inbetween any app as the toucher always remains on top.
In terms of customization, you can decide what the button for the toucher looks like and what the background of the floating popup looks like.
Now iPhone users don’t have the monopoly over all the good features.

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