June 19, 2014 - Vidit


Copy Android app

Copy is the new Dropbox. Services offering cloud storage are many, and most of them have amazing android apps. But copy does it better than them. Copy not only offers the same functionality as Dropbox (like applications for PC, mobile, and tablets) but also more free storage than Dropbox. Copy offers new users 15GB of storage for free (the link in the setup instructions below will get you 20GB). Yes… 15 gigs as compared to Dropbox’s 2GB. You can add more storage by way of referrals. Each referral gives you 5GB of storage more and the person who joins using your link gets 5GB as well.

Now the only reason I still have a Dropbox app on my phone is because it automatically backs up my photos to my cloud account, Copy does this as well. All you have to do is enable “Photocopy” in the settings.

A new update has added Chromecast support to Copy. Any Media that you have on your copy account, you can cast to your Chromecast using your Copy android app.

Copy does all this and more, with style. It’s interface is user friendly and very holo in its look.


  1. Go to this link to create an account on Copy – COPY ACCOUNT SIGN UP
  2. After signing up, use the google play button below to install Copy app from Google Play Store.
  3. Login using the account details you had created earlier.
  4. If you were using dropbox before this, you can import all of your data from dropbox to copy without all the hassle. All you need to do is login to copy on your PC, go to Menu, Choose Migrate from another Service and choose the service you’d like to move the data from (Box, Google Drive, Dropbox). This service is free for the first 2GB of data. The rest can be copied by you manually.

google play link button

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